Repeats are not playing

I’m not sure what I did, but repeat signs are being ignored in my project when in playback. How do I fix this?

Playback options>Repeats, make sure Play repeats is ticked.

Thanks. I wonder how it got unticked in the first place.

It will have become unchecked because you have a faulty repeat structure in your project. Make sure that you have matched your start and end repeat barlines, especially if you have e.g. a set of repeat endings, make sure that it’s obvious where it should repeat back to.

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Thanks for helpful advice, however I can find no play repeat tick/untick button in dorico 4

If you’re using Dorico Pro, you’ll find it on the Repeats page of Library > Playback Options. If you’re using Dorico Elements or Dorico SE, this dialog is not available. You can attach your project here if you wish, and we can fix this up for you.

Repeats are not working with version 4.3.3. Pieces with repeated sections are being diagnosed as “invalid repeat structure.” This was not a problem in earlier versions. I’m sure someone will chime in with “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”

Please show us a Dorico document where this is not working properly.


There hasn’t been any change in what repeat structures Dorico handles in recent versions, but there have been some improvements in terms of how Dorico reports problems to you. As @Derrek says, if you’d like some assistance with a specific repeat structure that’s giving you bother, please attach it here.

Please post a copy of the project (you can even delete all the notes) so we can diagnose the problem.

Glad you get it to work, but:
to better understand how a program works is it, in my opinion, better to correct the mistake (knowing exactly what was it) instead of redoing all from scratch (and so never knowing what was the incorrect action).
This in the long term can let one learn better and appreciate the logic behind the program architecture (or possibly reveal some unknown bugs), without the need to think about reverting to the previous used program only because one don’t jet understand a particular functionality.
(So it would be more useful for you, and for all other users that maybe have the same issue, if you in future would consider to share your file, also with empty music, but with the minimal elements to reproduce the issue)

(and also: in your posts your address and telephone Nr, probably, are showing up. Not recommendable on a public space like a Forum…)

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You can edit your post to remove them…