Repeats playback

I’m puzzled by the way my repeats are treated in playback.
First play through as expected, bars: 1-2, 1-2, 3-10, 3-8, 11-14.
Then 1-2, 3-8,11-14, repeated in absurdum

Can anybody shed some light on this.

Bengt B

Where do you expect it to repeat back to after it has played bar 14? I don’t know how to interpret that repeat structure.

From the top I was expecting. And then it ought to do as it did the first time.
Is it not correctly notated?

Nested Repeat Barlines are not valid as you can’t dictate the hierarchy. Use a DC al Fine.

Of course, thank you.

Dorico doesn’t currently handle D.C. al Fine, of course, but it will do in the next big update.

If the team is currently working on advanced repeat structures: Please consider integrating playback for instructions like “tacet 1.x” or “play first time only” within repeats.

Thank you!

The one aspect of repeats playback that we do not anticipate having support for in the next update is this kind of “play first time only” thing, I’m afraid. But that remains on our list of things to add in future.

Please add my vote for a play first time only or tacit first time sort of control. Please don’t make me say the S-word, but the “Inspector” method of specifying who plays which time through a repeat is very intuitive to me. Dorico does so many things so much better. Please keep up the good work! (I’m a recent convert.)

So I’m stumped; are nested repeats supported yet?

Here’s my situation:
Ding Dong Merrily on High. In the interest of keeping the score concise and to avoid page turns, I’d like the Gloria to be repeated each time it is sung, but then for Dorico to go back to the beginning of the next verse after the second go. I’ve marked this in the text and I’ve used the “Barline joins all staves” to make this more obvious, but now I don’t know how to make it playback correctly. I’d prefer not to have Dal Segno markings which seem overkill when the structure of this work is fairly straightforward and well known. Perhaps I need to use them anyway and then hide them for playback’s sake.

I’d love it if there was an option in the properties panel to specify a measure number (measure number AND beat, although this doesn’t apply here) to return to from a specific repeat barline.

Either way I can’t shake the feeling that I’m overlooking something very obvious. I’m tired this morning, so my apologies and gratitude in advance.

Dorico can’t play this back correctly, no. But it’s also unconventional to use repeat marks to tell people to sing multiple verses of a hymn/carol, isn’t it? You don’t need the repeat marks at the beginning of the verse. Singers are (mostly) clever and will work out that if they’ve seen a verse 3 but they’ve only sung verse 2, they’ll go back and sing verse 3 without needing a start repeat barline. Of course, Dorico will then only play the whole confection once, with an extra repetition of the chorus. If you’re trying to make an audio file for rehearsal, I think judicious use of copy and paste will be 30 seconds well spent.

Daniel, you are correct, of course. I’m ashamed to admit it didn’t even occur to me to c&p into another flow to make a playback version. The repeat line (joined to all staves with a rehearsal mark) is mostly to provide an easy visual anchor point for my less experienced choir members. Some of my choir aren’t experienced, others are… well, agèd (and flighty). So I try to make things as easy to read/follow as possible. I ended up just exporting the audio file and c&p’d an extra Gloria into the recording using audio software.