Repeatsigns are ignored

I suddenly experience difficulties with Dorico 4(play back). In a new file I create one or several repeat signs. When I re-open the files later, Dorico doesn’t play back the repeats. Have I incidentally deactivated the repeat function? And if so, how can I change it back?
Best, Peter

Hi Peter, would you be happy to post the project, or a scaled-back project, here?

Check your settings in Play>Playback Options>Repeats

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If the repeats in the project are set up such that they would result in an infinite playback loop, Dorico automatically disables repeat playback to save everyone’s sanity! If you can’t work out where the “gap” in the repeat setup is yourself, feel free to share the project here in this thread and someone will almost certainly be able to help.

Doom 2.dorico (1.5 MB)

  1. The file is set to not play repeats!
  2. The repeats are unbalanced. The 2nd repeat goes back to nowhere.

Where do I change that?

See my earlier post.

Thanks a lot!

You need to make sure you fix up the repeat structure so that it is balanced. Otherwise, every time you reopen the project, Dorico will switch off the Play repeats option again.