Repetition sign with wings

Please in next Dorico Elements Update
Repetion sigh with wings

Thanks !!!

Are you referring to the second repeat ending vertical position? It could be to do with the time signature (try changing the time signature to normal size and see?), or maybe the absent chord symbol?

If this isn’t what you’re referring to then that is 30 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back but maybe you could provide further details.

Available now, at least in Dorico Pro.

And although the original poster is aware of this and is simply asking for an Elements feature–here’s the still relevant official word from Lillie last year:


See if you can open this file to give you the means to incorporate wings in future projects by using this as a “starter file.”

wingedRepeats.dorico (432.7 KB)

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Thank a lot Derrek
it’s Working here !!!

Yes, I was on the wrong track.