Repetitions tick in Play x64 vst

I’m having trouble with the Play vst and Cubase with the repetitions option tick in the play engine? It seems to play random notes when i have it checked on when inputing notes. When i play with my keyboard it plays fine. Why is that? is there some random note option that i should take off in cubase 6?

Do you have the latest PLAY version?

I have the 2.12 Ive tried the 3.02 version but im getting .dll errors with it.

Does the 3.02 version fix this?

You mean v.3.0.25. If so, then considering the version you had before (which is pretty old), I would say that the chances are pretty high that 3.0.25 will fix your problem.

Good luck!

Yeah i think im going to try this out, though in fl studio it does not have this problem. I think it might be play engine running in cubase itself. I updated to cubase 6.04 also incase my 6.00 was causing the issue. I’ll report back my findings.

I’d suggest going back to Cubase 6.02 or 6.03. A lot of people, myself included, have had problems with 6.04 (which I don’t know if you knew, is not officially supported by Steinberg since it wasn’t thoroughly tested). They will release an official update sometime at the end of this month, begining of the next. I’d wait for that.

As far as the repetition script issue goes, this was a know bug back then, around PLAY 2.x. It has since been fixed and it should no longer be a problem anymore.