Replace audio clip

I would like to know how to replace a new audio clip exacly in the spot in the track where the old one is. Mind you, the trick is, there are multiple old duplicates in the track and only one new clip that i created from media bay from a slice(hihat).

Hey Robert,

hold “Shift” and drag a sample from the MediaBay onto the file you would like to replace. You can then choose whether you want to replace the single file or all of the same files.

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It worked… Thanks

The only trouble is if you create an audio clip from a slice you cannot drag it into the track that has the multiple clips. I think it just landed on top of the old clip…i also tried dragging it in from the audio file in windows cubase project file and nothing happened there. I had to abandon the slice i made and just settle for a hihat clip from the sound browser after saving and closing the project and then reopening it, the sound browser clip that i dragged into a new track showed up in the pool…after dragging the new hihat clip into the track that i wanted to have replaced, that pane opened up with the option to have all alike clips replaced…it worked…but i haven’t been able to figure out how to have the slice from a cinema drum loop from the sound browser work…i held down shift hovering over the slice in the media Pool and it wouldn’t work…but when i randomly selected an audio file(seems to be a different file)it works…