Replace Audio in Video CRASH

Every time I try to "Replace Audio in Video, Cubase crashes (or rather the “video engine” crashes. I have the latest version of Quicktime, latest ATI graphics driverts, Cubase 6.05. Any ideas?
BTW It works fine on my old laptop running Cubase 5.

Does this happen to anyone else? I’d really like to get it sorted…

It does sound familiar. Seem to remember this was reported a good while ago, no idea if and how it was fixed. Have you tried searching the forum?

I have found that when working with a video file imported into cubase, do not try to replace the audio in that particular file. Make a copy of it, put it in another folder, when you export the audio you want to replace, also export to the same folder the copied video is in. Then use the “replace audio in video” funtion from cubase.
And of course you know the file lengths must match, so set your markers to length of the video when exporting audio.

Yeah, I did all that (several times) but Cubase always crashes with a Video Engine has stopped working" prompt.

I’ve loaded all the latest video card drivers (ATI HD 5450) and DX drivers.

Did you guys find a solution? This crash happens to me as well.