Replace Audio in Video File


This seemed like it would be an easy function, however, it is not working for me. I keep getting an error. I select the video file, then the audio, and it gives me an error.

Do I need to have Quicktime installed on my system eventhough I am using the lastest Nuendo version? Any advice is appreciated.

I could be wrong (i.e. double-check this!) but I think the latest version of Nuendo 7 has the new video engine which is NOT based on QT, so that breaks the previous functionality, and to date new one hasn’t replaced it…

…like I said… double check it…

You are correct about the new video engine not based on QT. However, I’ve never done the “Replace Audio in Video File” function prior to the newest version, so I just assumed I don’t need QT. However, it doesn’t work on either of my systems (1 is 7.1.35 and the other is the 7.1.40) Neither system has QT. I’m hoping not to have to install QT, but if this is what I need to do in order to get this function working, I will. Can anyone from Steinberg verify if I need QT on my system for this function to work?

Well, it’s worked for me in the past.

I think what I did was to duplicate the video file (since it contained a rough mix out of the Avid), then make sure the length of the rendered audio file is exactly the same as the video file. Then just choose whatever it’s called, ‘replace audio in video file’ I guess, and point to the respective files and it works… Just like that.

OP >
Don’t see where the issue lies without knowing your setup details, however I confirm that N7 ( 7.1.3 ) functions juts as it supposed to. Have just sent out reference video back to my editors with newly mixed audio. Sync is fine, QT properties show the 48k PCM stereo file.

AAhh…reading MattiasNYC post, I see that the updated video engine broke the function. It is truly a shame and cause of utter frustration that all developers constatntly “updating and improving” tools that we rely on . The world’s gone mad :laughing:

As a replacement I’ve been using a free program called My MP4box GUI. It can mux together any mp3 or aiff to a mp4. Not a graceful solution but it’s quick enough. It can also do the reverse and demux mp4’s.

Id certainly like to see this feature back in Nuendo though.

Thanks! I will definitely be taking a look at it. I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

This function isn’t supported by the new video engine. In the future, you’ll be given the ability to render a video with your audio which will work as a replacement for this functionality.

The menu option was probably left in by mistake in Nuendo 7.

Hey guys!
So it will be possible in the future to render the video directly from Nuendo / Cubase?
Also with trim and edit options (container, codec, …)? That would be great!!!

I often use the “replace audio in video” option in Cubase 8.5.3.
But when you first have to trim or edit your videoclip to fit the actual mix or TC or to make it compatible with your DAW, then it is always a pain in the a** for me so far!
I tried various software, but often it didn’t supply all the functions I wanted to have or it was to complex…

  • Quicktime Pro (sucks on Win!)
  • XMedia Recode (ok, but haven’t found the option to trim and edit video/audio)
  • mpeg streamclip (doesn’t support wav, don’t know how to replace audio in video)
  • HitFilm Express (is free, works, but is a whole video suite as u know it - don’t need all these features…)

Which video encoder / editor do you guys use for these tasks?
Any software suggestions for an easy and fast workflow to do this?