Replace Audio In Video File

Thank you for fixing this. I’ve been using this the whole week and it’s been flawless.

It looks like I spoke too soon…

It works with short clips. But, I just tried to replace the audio in a 48 minute documentary. After about 12 minutes Nuendo gets stuck - video service unresponsive…

This needs to be addressed as soon as possible - please

Ok, I left the process running. It does replace the audio file, but it seems to literally do it in realtime. The 48 minute file took about an hour.

Same thing happend to me, short files work perfect, but with longer files most of the time the video service is unresponsive, but in the end it will replace the audio (if you wait long enough).
This also happens sometimes when I archive a project, I select ‘copy video files’, the archiving process starts, the video engine gets stuck (video service unresponsive), but after long waiting, the video files is copied correctly.



I still remain installed both versions: N5 & 6. N5 does this function perfectly. Why? I don’t know, and it looks like Steinberg does not too.

If I’m not mistaken Nuendo is just utilizing a feature built into Quicktime 7. If you know Quicktime Pro really well you can re-stripe any video and it only takes a few seconds. I’ve been using that feature for years.