"Replace Audio in Video" not working

I have an h.264 Quicktime file. Every time I attempt to replace the audio via Cubase, we freeze up. Cubase creates a new video file in the folder but never completes the adding audio process.


Use a 3rd party app. This never worked.

I had good results in SX3. Then in 4 the entire video engine was garbage. Now the video engine rocks but this function is non-functional. I’d like to hear an official comment…

Chris? Other Mods? Can you guys comment on the status of “Replace Audio in Video” issues?

Yes, this function has been flaky for some time. Is it possible to get new audio in video with Quicktime Pro?

I don’t think so. I remember trying that some years ago. Quicktime appends the audio file at the end of the video. There are third party wares that do this. I’ve been using Premier Elements but I’m sure there’s something cheaper and more specific for this task. You will just have to dig for it.

If you have Quicktime Pro, Quicktime Player 7 lets you cut/copy/paste a selection range.

Can you explain how this works for replacing the audio of a Quicktime file? Are you saying I can copy the audio of one file and paste it at the start of another?

Yes, in Quicktime player 7 (I’m on 7.6.6) You can select a range in the QT file and paste over it using “Add to Selection and Scale” from the edit menu. edit: of course, the only valid selection would be the entire timeline.

The length of the video track and audio track you paste in have to be identical, otherwise the audio will get scaled (timewise) to the video length. I opened both files in QT, of course.