Replace downmixes through all recorded channels

KSD asked middle of Jun:

The editor worked with the 2 channel downmixes of the production sound and not with the 8 seperate tracks, so I need to conform all the production sound…
What is a good workflow for this in Nuendo 6.5. I have all the production sound and an EDL…
Or do I need to wait for re-conform in Nuendo 7

And he got the answer:

I think that would be the wise thing to do.

But now I ask myself: Can it realy be done with the new Re Conform Tool? It seem a quit different job from changing tracks to picture changes.


I think you can replace your stereo files with the surround files by holding shift while dragging your surround files from your pool onto the stereo files in your project…

I’m not at my studio today so I’m afraid I can’t check this working method before I post it.
Hope this works?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks Niek

Yes I know that one. It is as you describe.
That works fine for single files we would want to replace. But what about hunderts? What about a whole movie?
Up to now I let my custumers in the believe that it is the job of there picture department to make sure that I get all recorded channels. That is in some cases a couple of days work for there picture assistent.
But as there is a DAW around (we do not like to call the name here) that is able to replace guide tracks of a 90 min feature movie through all recorded channels in a couple of minutes…I must fear that my custumers come to here about that…and ask me why I can not do that?


Aha, I understand, so you need some “batch replace”-function?
As I understood, indeed, re-conforming is some totally different function.
How does “that other DAW” replace batches? Maybe you can workaround by copying this method into Nuendo’s Logical-Editors-macro’s ?
Sorry I can’t help you on this…as a relative newbie I may have too little experience with this kind of routines…


I do not know exactly what ProTools does…something like: looking for audiofiles with similiar name like what you give it as your guide, exactly same length, perhaps some metadata like “date of creation”. It then adds as much tracks as needed and places the clips below the guide-clip.
I have used it but its a while ago.


this feature is one of the main features is EDLtranslate!

simply load all EDLs, reconform to all of the field recording files, save the new tracks to a Steinberg XML. Ready.

Check the Help files on this site or contact me please.

Best regards