replace esc key

I have a new MacBook Pro with a touch bar. The esc key is hard to find as it’s part of the touch bar now. Is there a way I can replace that shortcut with " ` " (to the left on the “1”)?
I can’t figure out how to do it in the Key Command preferences.
Thanks for your help!

‘Esc’ is the shortcut for two commands in Dorico: UI > Escape, and Note Input > Stop Note Input. In theory you should be able to assign these functions to another key.

Another option is a utility like Karabiner

I’ve remapped my § key (who even uses that anyway!?) to Escape.

Quite why Apple thought § was more important than Esc boggles the mind…

Isn’t it just above the Number 1? If you’re remapping Escape to another key anyway, that’s surely the same as looking for it in a slightly different place?

Can the TouchBar be programmed to give Dorico shortcuts?

That would be F1, wouldn’t it, Ben?

From what I’ve seen, No. They don’t have F-keys at all: just the bar. I’m hoping Apple will have given up on this when I need to buy my next laptop. :laughing:

D’oh. Of course.

The Touch Bar can’t be programmed to do Dorico-specific things without us adding support for it to the application itself, which is something we’ve experimented with, but it will require a lot of careful thought and design work to produce something truly useful, and for the time being we don’t think this is sufficiently important to displace work on features that will benefit a larger number of our users.

They can, it seems, be set to show the Function Keys on a per-app basis, and you can configure the F-keys to do stuff in Dorico.

By “hard to find” I just mean hard to easily hit without looking down away from the work. I use it so much in Dorico I’d like it to be an actual key. Thanks for your very helpful responses everyone.