Replace HSSE with Halion Sonic Full when exploding MIDI file

For everyone owning HALion and HAlion Sonic who rather use them than HSSE ´which comes with Cubase.

There is a dialog like the one that pops up when you drag and drop a MIDI file on an already open project and you’re asked if you want to open a new project based on the MIDI file. I’d like to see more options in that dialog which then is opened no matter if you already have a open project or not.

In that dialog you could select if you want HSSE, HALion Sonic or HALion to be the host of the instruments for the new project based on the MIDI file. You could maybe even select to have GM sounds or if you are sure what’s on all the channels you could use a vstpreset.

Now you CAN open a MIDI file and let HSSE auto load whatever GM sounds there is in the project then save it as a vstpreset, load HALion Sonic and load the vstpreset but do that three times and you’re bored to atoms!!!

There are a lot of MIDI files floating around the seven seas of the interwebs which may not be great music or sound fantastic per se but there is great knowledge hiding in them … and if we could at least take the files directly to HALion Sonic sound quality and complexity or even exlode it right into a HALion project it would be pretty awesome, very useful and extremely time and brain battery saving. Also it’s good for sending MIDI files back and forth when collaborating at the sketching stages if you could do that directly on HALion full level all the way.through.

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