Replace Kick Drum Methods

Sorry for appearing lazy, but I am not able to figure out a reliable method of taking a bad kick drum audio track and use the information to drive my samples in Addictive Drums.

Any and all posts :confused: appreciated!

I’ve used “Drumagog” with great results. It’s a plug in. - get Trigger, it’s a game changer (I used to be a fan of Drumagog). You can simply track all the drums via Trigger and drag’n’drop the MIDI onto a track to trigger Addictive.

Drumagog!!! :slight_smile: Been using it for years and it simply awesome for this.

There’s also Toontrack’s Drumtracker.

Definitely Trigger. Drumagog for me is was either not producing in-phase triggers or triggering slightly out of time. Trigger on the other hand is just rock solid and locked in every time.

I’ve got Drumagog 4, 5 & also Trigger.
Trigger is seriously good - and seems to cope better than Drumagog does with snare rolls etc.
Best advice I can give is to try the demos of each & see what you like.
Drumagog allows you to use any VSTi you have for triggering, so you can use all drum VSTi in it.
Not sure if Trigger can do this (don’t really know it that well yet).

Well, N5.5 should have everything you need to make an audio track to midi and trigger drum sounds if you can wait.