Replace symbols, plop smooth and wavy

so, I am using the jazz articulations, and i want to create ones that are slightly different, namely plops, lifts, and doits that bulge the opposite way. i dont need the smooth and wavy ones, so i figured i could just replace those symbols. but i found that they are not in the music symbols menu thingy (or are they?). i therefore surmise that they are just lines drawn, and not prebaked symbols. is there a way to accomplish what i am attempting?

i could just replace some other articulation i dont need, and drag it around, but the property of sticking to the notehead is incredibly convenient.

You’ll find the symbols that are used for jazz articulations in the Ornaments category in the Engrave > Music Symbols dialog.

That is where i looked. the swoops and doots and stuff are there under ‘ornaments’, but not the ‘wavy’ or ‘smooth’ ones. i looked in the other categories and the full list, and couldnt find them.

The smooth ones really are drawn as lines, so you can’t adjust them. The wavy ones will be using the same repeatable symbols as glissando lines, I think, but I wouldn’t advise trying to edit them.

as i thought. might there be a workaround i can rig, short of sacrificing another articulation to drag around?

You could create custom playing techniques and move them graphically in Engrave mode?