Replace Video Audio?

Any know if Cubase 10 reinstates ability of replacing movie track audio with audio mix down as previously possible in Cubase Pro 8.5?


No, this feature is not available in Cubase 10.0.5.

Many thanks for the reply Martin. Aware of the third party work arounds to achieve, but hope Steinberg will bring this feature back!

You can open the project in 8.5 and do this function. BUT I have heard that you cannot go from 10 to 8.5 without crashes. :frowning: (these were friends on macs) - not sure on windows (which I am on) - this one issue is keeping me from upgrading. Working now in 9.5,x and I open 8.5 to do this now - a hassle, but it gets down. With 10 sounds like THAT workaround is not even possible. Bummer

I read from another post by an SB moderator that they are actually working on this area/functionality right now.! They know its very heavily requested by users.

And while we wait, there’s other good solutions out there mind… my fave is from Audiospot Audio:-

Its a video conversion tool primarily, but can simply merge new audio into your video file, if that’s all you want. Very quick and easy to use. Scroll down at that page and watch the ‘Show and Tell’ video.


That would be great if they’re working on it! Currently I drag audio mixdown into Logic machine to bounce audio to video but clearly would be nicer to have it all native to Cubase. Thanks for the replies!

This is the post referenced above:

I just have installed Cubase 8.5 for this purpose. Working well. No crashes or any issues.

That’s perfect, thanks a lot.

That’s great, thank you!

Try Subler.
For me is great. Very simple.

Is there a program that can do this in Windows 10 I can use?

So I have recorded a track in cubase and am going to mime along to it and then combine the two. From what I read cubase can’t do this? Loads of people must do this on windows so what program do people use to combine video and audio. The videos will probably be done with my iPhone so .MOV format.

Also what is the function of the video in cubase as it stands as if it can’t do audio replace I don’t get its use?