replacement dongle activation

I have had to buy a new dongle as my old one has gradually become a bit loose (but still working).

How do I transfer my activation code to my new dongle?



Plug in both dongles and swap the license from one to the other in the eLCC.

Thanks Scab Pickens.

How do I do that?

Both licenses are showing with my original showing which programs are on the license. The new license is showing too but I can’t drag the old one to it. When I try to enter the activation code it just says, “Currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB elicenser which holds an appropriate upgradable license to your computer.”

‘which holds an appropriate upgradable license’ - - - is this possibly the part I am misunderstanding although the elicenser IS RECOGNISED AS BEING CONNECTED?


A better explanation of what you are trying to do is needed. You can’t transfer an activation code. An activation code is what creates a license, which is stored on the dongle. The licenses can be transferred to other dongles as Scab has explained. What are the “old” licenses? What are the “new” licenses? What license is the activation code for (aparently an upgrade of some sort)?

Hi jaslan

My old dongle is on its last legs as the plastic body part is wobbly. I have taped it up and it still works but it may pack up soon!

I bought a new dongle to replace it so that I can through the old one away.

I simply need to make my new dongle useable so that Cubase and other Steinberg software can still run. I imagine it is a simple operation but I can’t work it out so any help would be appreciated.

Both dongles appear on the elicenser page with the software listed on the old one. The new one has been registered with Steinberg.



It’ s as simple as drag and drop from old to new.
There is even a video on, that explains it…

It does seem simple and I have checked the video instructions.

The window comes up just like the instructions but it won’t let me drag the icons!

Again, I’m sure it is a simple solution but I can’t find it!

Any more ideas anyone - please!


You need to drag it from USB eLicenser to USB elicenser, not to soft eLicenser. Also you need to be connected to the internet, and the eLicenser control center must not be blocked by firewall.

Hi again thinking cap!
Thanks for trying to help. I presume you mean the icon that looks like the dongle on the eLicenser control Centre. If so, that is the one that won’t drag!

Sorry to keep asking! My original dongle is the old type and the new one is smaller. Could that be the problem?


you don’ t drag the dongle icon, you drag the license on the right (IIRC) to the dongle icon of your new dongle.

Hi Zinger,

make sure Cubase, or any Steinberg application for that matter, isn’t open while transfering the license.


Luis Dongo.

That seems to have been the problem and I have transferred successfully, but…
I have been using the old Hypersonic 2 but that license will not transfer. Is it possible to still use it?

Thanks for your replies everyone. Together we have solved the issue, almost. You have all been kind.


Hi Zinger,

what do you mean by “it won’t transfer”? Could you please be more specific?


Hi Luis,
Cubase 6 and Virtual Guitarist were dragged to the new eLicenser but Hypersonic 2 would not.


Sorry Luis

It has worked now. I obviously did something wrong but thank you so much again for your previous help.