Replacement for CMovieBitmap


currently I’m developping a GUI for my VST Synthesizer. One of the parameters of the synthesizer is the wave form of the oscilator. My actuall implementation provides a COptionMenu and a CMovieBitmap that displays the selected value:

				class="CMovieBitmap" control-tag="spiAMtype" 
				max-value="1" min-value="0" mouse-enabled="true" origin="120, 55"
				height-of-one-image="24" size="24, 24"  sub-pixmaps="5"
				tooltip="AM LFO Type" transparent="false" value-inset="0"
				wheel-inc-value="0.2" zoom-factor="1"
				back-color="~ BlackCColor" background-offset="0, 0" class="COptionMenu"
				control-tag="spiAMtype" default-value="0" font="~ NormalFontSmaller"
				font-antialias="true" font-color="Light Grey" frame-color="~ BlackCColor"
				frame-width="1" max-value="2" menu-check-style="false"
				menu-popup-style="true" min-value="0" mouse-enabled="true" origin="120, 90"
				round-rect-radius="6" shadow-color="~ RedCColor" size="60, 15"
				style-3D-in="false" style-3D-out="false" style-no-draw="false"
				style-no-frame="false" style-no-text="false" style-round-rect="false"
				style-shadow-text="false" text-alignment="left" text-inset="0, 0"
				transparent="true" value-precision="2" wheel-inc-value="0.1"

unfortunately CMovieBitmap does handle mouse clicks. Using CAutoAnimation or CMovieButton did not help. Are there any other options?

Thanks in advance


Hi Martin,
maybe disable mouse support for the CMovieBitmap ?


Hi Arne,

mouse-enabled is set to true in the XML file. Is there another place where I have to enable mouse support?



You should disable mouse support for the CMovieButton, does it not work ?