Replacement for Embracer? (No, not Padshop)

As you presumably are aware, they no longer work because Cubase 9 is 64 bit only and these are 32 bit.

Some were not actually developed by Steinberg in the first place so can’t just be rebuilt in a 64 bit version. I suspect others that were built in house were built by folk long since departed (been there) so again an update is far from straight forward. Ultimately not enough folk want them or there would be a solution forthcoming.

Anyway, as an alternative I’d suggest Retrologue or even Prologue rather than Padshop but you won’t find direct sound replacements.

Have you tried to bridge Embracer using 3rd party software such as jBridge? Alternatively you can still run Embracer in 9 (just checked and it does work) using the tip suggested in the link below:

As the Steinberg rep says , this works at the moment but may not in future and is un-supported. If you’re going to use it copy the Components folder as suggested. I’d only use the bastardised version when I needed the 32 bit plugin. (I’ve not needed it so far but like to know it works).

Personally, my approach would be use the hack above to load Embracer into Cubase 9 to make it much easier to build replacements for the Embracer sounds by having both it and its replacement available at the same time. Then I’d turn the hack off and use the newly built presets.