Replacement power supply

I recently moved and upon firing up my DAW, my MR816CSX will not power on. The power supply is cracked, so I suspect this is the only issue, or at least I hope that’s all it is and wonder where and how to obtain a replacement power supply. I submitted a ticket to Steinberg about as well (ref:_00D30F1z._50030ZfhwE:ref) - I would prefer to try this route before sending off my entire interface to an authorized repair center.

Same here. It’s been 4 years and I see no response. Here’s hoping that someone can help us out. This model being as old as it is and all. Any help would be appreciated. I’m in Puerto Rico by the way. Seems impossible to get anyone to mail us anything out here the past decade or so.

Can be bought here in the UK. They do international but not sure about Puerto Rico