Replacement SX 3 discs, I have dongle and license

OK. I’ve been off the forum for a while, my old username was ‘alabamian’ and during my recent move I lost my Cubase SX3 discs. I feel like an idiot.
I still have every product starting Cubase VST/32 and now up to Cubase 6, including, even SX2, but I can’t seem to find my SX3 discs.

I remember at one point, the important part was to have the dongle with one’s registered license on it. I’ve got the dongle, and eLicenser shows SX3 (along with all of the rest of my products), including, now that it’s on the dongle system, Wavelab, though I also have versions 4-7 of it.

Is there any policy on getting replacement discs? There used to be, but I don’t know if I’m tired of it’s the new website, I can’t find it. Any help for an old timer? I love the new versions but have quite a few year’s worth of work in SX3.

Please, I am not asking for serial numbers or anything like that, I wrote all of that down and have it on the dongle, I just need to know if it’s possible to get replacement discs (in my brilliance I even put all of the demo SX3 discs I’ve received together and then lost the bunch.) Help. Please :frowning:

Just D/L it from here.