replacing audio in video file

For the last 2½ years I have had problems on and off with the “replace audio in video file” function in Cubase 9. I’ve recently tried all versions from 9.0.00 through 9.0.50. Does anyone know if this issue has been dealt with effectively in Cubase 10? Also, does anyone here have a recommendation for free third party software which can replace audio in video files without leaving watermarks etc.?


This function was missing in some Cubase versions after the video engine replacement (to make it Quick Time independent). Are you sir this feature was back in Cubase 9 already? I don’t think so.

Download current Cubase 10.5 Trial and try it out there, please.

Are you saying this feature is not possible in 9.5?

Hi and welcome,

Right, this feature is not in Cubase 9.5.