Replacing Audio in Video File

Below are the directions for replacing audio in a video file. I believe I’ve followed them to the letter and yet I end up with a video file with no audio at all. Can anyone comment or give advice?

Replacing the Audio in a Video File
Once you have edited all audio and MIDI data to the video and created a final mix, you will need to put the new audio back with the video. You can do this by embedding the audio in another stream within the video container file.
PROCEDURE 1. Place the left locator at the start of the video file in Cubase. This will ensure that your audio and video streams are synchronized. 2. Open the File menu and select the Audio Mixdown option from the Export submenu to export the audio file you wish to insert into the video container file. 3. From the File menu, select “Replace Audio in Video File…”. A file dialog opens prompting you to locate the video file. 4. Select the video file and click Open. Next, you are prompted to locate the corresponding audio file. 5. Select the audio file and click Open. The audio is added to the video file, replacing its current audio stream.

Yes, this should work the way you describe it - but you should also set the right locator, not only the left.

you should check your exported audio first - maybe you exported a wrong channel?

I do it almost every day and it works very well - I only ran into problems with some corrupted QTs, but then the problem would already appear during the ‘replace’-step (Cubase freezes)

Thanks for your response.

When you export your the audio, does it need to be in any particular place? And when you say exported audio, do you mean the mixdown that you want to embed with the video file?

What format do you select for the audio mixdown export?

For me only mp3 or wma work. Otherwise I also end up with video which is silent.

I’ve been selecting a .wav format. I use Cubase Artist and the mp3 format isn’t supported.

What about windows media audio? Can you export in this format?

You could try to convert the wav file to mp3 or wma using an external application and then try to replace audio in video file. You don’t need to have that particular project open to use this function.
Just go to File/Replace audio in video. Just to see if it works.

Or use some video editing application. Even the free ones usually let you replace the audio, or at least add a “soundtrack” and mute the original. I sometimes used Windows Movie maker for that. In this case even wav should be ok.

Video and exported audio don’t need to be in a particular place on the hard disk but I always put them together in a new folder - makes replacing less confusing.

I always export WAVs or AIFs.

I’m have to replace with aac audio but it seems that Cubase does not allow this !!

The problem is : when I replace with other format, most player wont read it. Any idea why aac is not supported ?

I am constantly having this issue to the point that it is annoying in every version of Cubase
Currently running the latest version Cubase Pro on latest OSX

I replace the file in the video, and I get this prompt, waiting for the video service or video service not responding.
This has been an issue for me since Cubase SX exists.
Does anyone know how to replace audio in video file?!

The files are the exact same lenght, video is high res mp4 and the audio is aiff

So frustrating!!!
Screenshot 2016-11-18 18.03.57.jpg