Replacing Clips in Events

This was discussed in another thread, but the last discussion of this particular function was a few years ago with no solution. The Cubase 12 manual says:
# Replacing Clips in Events
You can replace the clips in audio events.


  • Do one of the following:
    • Hold down Shift, drag an audio file from the File Explorer/macOS Finder, and drop it on the event.
    • Click a clip in the Pool, hold down Shift, and drop it on the event.


The clip in the event is replaced. However, the event edits remain unchanged. If the new clip is shorter than the replaced clip, the length of the event is adapted. If the new clip is longer than the replaced clip, the length of the event stays the same.

HOWEVER… this seems to work intermittently. First, you have to click on the little waveform image on the far left to drag. Second, holding SHIFT and then dragging doesn’t work very well. Any ideas greatly appreciated. I know it works the way I want it to, I just can’t get SHIFT/DRAG to work consistently. Is there a trick? Any help appreciated.

First, that little waveform icon indicates the wave file is set to Musical Mode and it has no impact on resizing the Audio Event at all. You should grab the lower right corner of the Event to resize it (or the left corner if the file has Audio before the start of the Event that you’d like to expose). If you want finer control over the Event’s size, select it and then change the Length field on the Info Line where you can change it by 1 Tick if you want.


Make sure you are doing the file over the Audio Event, not Audio Part, please.

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Thank you both for your answers. However, this is not what I’m trying to do. Sorry my German is horrible, but if you read the first part of the message, I’m trying to replace clips in events. This thread was started in another thread but developed into this question.
I have to replace clips in events that have already been edited. To do that I have to go back to earlier recordings. I’m trying to keep the edits I already did, thus I looked at that section of the manual.
I’m not trying to resize. I’m trying to replace. Please read the quote from the manual before answering. Thanks.
It seems like I’m on the right track, but it’s not working correctly according to what the manual states.