Replacing / cloning hard disk: Do the LICENSES keep working?

I would like to replace/clone my laptop hard drive for a new bigger one. I.e. to copy/clone the current hard drive in its entirety as it is, including the operating system, all the programs, drivers and the Cubase license to a new hard drive.

Does my Cubase and other licenses transfer smoothly on the new hard drive like nothing has happened? Not affected by the cloning procedure? I’m thinking of using some free cloning program or the one I can get and use if I buy a Samsung hard drive (like I probably will).


If you are talking about the new licensing system, you can delete the old system and activate the new one.

USB-eLicenses are not touched at all.

Soft-eLicenses can be reactivated.

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You just need to do minor repairs , ie , reinstall the latest version Of E licenser if you’re still using old licences and run Maintenance in Admin mode to repair the change of hardware and you sohuld be good

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Oh, indeed, somehow I didn’t even think of that option…

So I just use the Activation Manager on my laptop to deactivate the Cubase and then clone the current hard drive and replace it with the new clone drive and then reactivate the Cubase with the Activation Manager? Did I get that right?

Pretty much. I do that with every major Apple OS update here, “just in case”. I always unauthorize my Steinberg and iLok stuff and reauthorize it once the update is finished just to be safe… Nowadays you never know what piece of equipment might render those unauthorized so better safe then sorry.

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