Replacing Edited audio part with its original from the Pool

What is the fastest way to replace an edited audio clip with the one that is originally recorded ( take)

  • at its origin position/time?
  • without going to pool?

would be nice to be able to right-click on the audio event in the arrange window and see an item “ replace the clip with its original ” or “ revert ” to click on.

[edited: Feb 26, 10:18PM EST]

Insert to original position with the track selected

How? please. I just rephrased my OP. Thank you.

I will usually just use one small piece from the arrange and extend it’s ends so that the original is in fully in view on a track. That is why I prefer to slice audio into sections before doing work such as moving cutting or adjusting.
An alternative might be to import tracks from a previous Project

What I like to see is

right-click on the audio event and see an item “replace the clip with its original” or “revert

It is not the right way, ask a question and then if the first answer is not what you want to hear, to change your question…

What do you want to get replaced? clip, event or part?
Three different things… btw

It is about audio clips obviously as my screenshot shows ( not changed). I made in addition to Cubase 11, I added the label feature request as it is not possible the way I am describing.

But, why should this be of any use for others?
I simply don’t understand your goal…