Replacing UR44 for better monitoring latency?

I use Cubase Pro 10.0.40 with Steinberg UR44C interface. Quite powerful desktop computer, Windows 10.

I often play monitoring through Cubase with effects. The lowest latencies I manage to get are about 9 Ms in/ 11 Ms out, with 256 samples buffer size. That is just bearable, but even then I get occasional spikes and warnings.

Recommendations for soundcards with better specs for latency?

ASIO driver should also be able to output extra audio (Youtube etc.) simultaneously with audio through Cubase. UR44C allows that (good feature), some other cards apparently don’t.

What’s the spec of your computer? I can get down to 64 buffers on a 12 year old i7 on a zoom audio interface, my old Yamaha n12 and another old f/w module I have (forgot the name) The ur44 should be capable of that as well so it may not be the problem

I7-8700K 3.7G.

I know that it could be several things, and to be sure the plugin I’m using in the current example is quite cpu-intensive (Blue Cat’s Axiom).

Still, if something could be done via soundcard upgrade I would be happy to consider it. I thought UR44 would handle monitoring via Cubase better than this.

ESI interfaces anybody, U86 EX for example?

I’m on a fairly new built monster computer and haven’t stress tested it yet. In a quick test with my Audient iD22 on 16 samples I get 1.9ms in / 2.5 ms out without any obvious problems.

I know I couldn’t get this low with my previous computer (i7-6700K @ 4 GHz) with the same interface so it’s obviously not only the interface that affects the latency. (sorry…don’t remember what latency I had on the old computer… :blush: ).

I don’t think its the UR44 that’s the problem TBH - I have the spec in my signature (your CPU is benchmarked as 110% quicker than mine) but manage 8 in / 9 out on 192 samples and the system is very stable. I would think on your system you should be able to do better. Are you up to date with all drivers etc ?

With some further testing I agree that UR44C is not the problem. With UR44C+ Studio One 4 DAW + Axiom plugin I get lower latencies with no spikes. The performance with standalone version of Axiom also is good.

So I think there must be something happening between my Cubase version (10.0.60) and this plugin that requires more resources and gives poorer roundtrip latency.

Anyway it is useful to know that UR44 is not the culprit.

Cool- good update, thanks