Replacing UR824

Hi, after good usage I’m selling my UR824 and was wondering what one would choose nowadays when going for low channel count, best ADDA conversion possible.
I like the SPL crimson and the Audient ID14/22, having a little preference for the audient id14 because of lowest price.
I already decided that for multi-tracking I will get an Behringer XR18 because of 8 monitor out possibilities during band sessions + 16 track at once recording.

And what about the RME Babyface pro?

Any practical experience to share?

Just curious, aren’t you satisfied with the quality of the UR824 or did you realized you need much less in/out?


I used the UR824 for band rehearsals using the onboard FX on the monitor chain, the XR18 is a digital mixer and soundcard within, so for band purposes it’s a better choice.

But the downfall would be sound quality.
However since I’ve sold my UR824 (was gone in 2 days) I got the behringer XR18 and the Audient ID14 and can say I’m happy now.
The Audient delivers 2 outs and 10 inputs so for home studio practices perfectly, for band rehearsal I got a very transportable 18 channel digital mixer with 18 track at once recording simultaneous with usage of digital mixer and 6 monitor mixing in one go.

The Audient sound better to my ears, the behringer XR18 is close to the UR824.

Thanks for the insight!

I am still considering switching from my old Focusrite interface to the UR824, its Cubase integration looks great.


What kind of focusrite do you have?

When I was going from the focusrite safire 26 IO pro to the MR816X it was a hugh step in sound quality.
Then I switched to the UR824 and slaving the mr816 and the focusrite to the UR824 I had a 24 in/out system which I used once!.
The problem wasn’t sound quality which is almost the same as the mr816 (I liked the sound of the MR816 better) but some interference that came up now and then.

However for a portable studio (I have a home studio which I will not dismantle to do some recording now and then) it was to much hassle as I had to dismantle the soundcards from my homestudio to do some recording on remote locations, now with the behringer the setup is much lighter and portable but also much more flexible.

And with the audient in the studio I do not have to dismantle anything.

I have the Saffire LE (Firewire) for 8 years or so. It is already discontinued for years and support told me that it may work on Windows 10 (I am about to upgrade next month or so) but they can not guarantee that and no further driver maintenance is planned.

The funny thing is that I am using mainly VSTi’s so the multiple inputs/outputs is currently not a priority, however I plan some heavy sampling projects in the near future, that’s why I’d go with a better A/D D/A . I have only 2 external synths with stereo outs.

Also probably I can get a new UR824 for a very reasonable price compared to the retail price…

I understand your situation, so you have both great quality in the studio with the id14 and great portability for the rehearsals with the Behringer XR18. However I am working in the studio exclusively, if I need to record someting in the field, probably I’d use my Zoom H4n or put the UR824 into a movable rack with the other preamp and use it that way.

My focusrite isn’t supported from windows 8 64 bit, the 32 bit work till windows 8, that’s why is use it now as a stand-a-lone ADAT converter for the Audient ID14 to gain 8 extra preamps and the ones in focusrites are good preamps!

The studio integration is obligated, as in when starting cubase the mixer software is disabled so all control function has to be done from cubase.

And this is good working as there is specific software in Cubase to control the settings of the UR824.
The usage of sweet morph channels and reverb on the monitor mix is simply.

How would you say the Saffire compared to the Audient and UR824?

I’ve had a Metric Halo I had to sell and replaced it with a Saffire Pro 24 just to have something, but I am checking out the Steinberg interfaces as well as the Audient ID22. I formerly used the Audient Mico pre into the Metric Halo and the ID14/22 have the same pre’s in it from what I’ve heard (which sound fantastic).

Curious at your overall thoughts on the quality and character of the Pre’s of these 3 interfaces.


The focusrite I used is one of the very first (Safire pro 26 IO), yours is very current and has better converters (and clocking JET PPL) as mine old safire.
The comparish would not be correct, however based on my experience the differnce is very little and hard to hear (as is always the case with sound quality).

However the UR824 and Audient stand clearly above the other soundcards mentioned.