Report transport position to plugins when transport stopped

I’ve recently come into possession of a plugin that requires transport position reference for some of its functionality, but does not allow typing those positions in.

Instead, it requires you to “set” those positions from the active transport position, but I’ve found that WaveLab does not report transport position to plugins when the transport is stopped.

Is there any way to make WaveLab do this currently, or should I file this as a feature request?

What WaveLab version? This should normally work AFAIR with WaveLab Pro 11.2.

I am on WaveLab 11.2.0 (build 13) as specified by the “about” page.

I have correct transport reporting when the transport is playing back, but once the transport is stopped the plugin is only seeing 0:00:00.000 as the transport position.

During playback:

With the transport stopped:


This is in the montage, and the plugin (TDR Simulathe CUT) is placed in “Playback Processing”, if that is likely to matter.

Yes. It would be great if SimuLathe and WaveLab could get along and work together.

It is definitely something that can be worked around by creating and looping a 1ms long selection at the point you want to set, but that really shouldn’t be necessary.

Yes, when there is no playback, the cursor position is not reported to the plugin.
I hope this can be changed in a future update.

Okay, that’s good to know! I was afraid I was doing something wrong.

I hope it can be changed in an update as well, as the current state of affairs is extremely subpar for SimuLathe, even if there are workarounds!

Hi. Just flagging this up.

I’ve just been chatting to @Justin_Perkins. Did a discussion between Steinberg and TDR ever happen to get this sorted. Simulathe is unusable in Wavelab.

Bump :grimacing:

I will look at this issue before next update.