reproducable padshop c8 crash

I’ve been having problems opening some projects that have pad shop in them. Did some testing and I think I can reproduce the issue.

  • create a new project and add a instrument track with padshop
    Save the project and reopen it. All is well.
    Add a long loading sample based instrument track before the padshop track. I used QL pianos.
    Save, close the project and reopen it. Still ok because the samples are still in memory.
    Close the project and reboot your computer.
    Now reload the project… C8 crashes on start up.

Additional notes

  • you may have to add a blank instrument track ahead of the padshop track to populate later. Didn’t test this.
    if the padshop track is fozen and pad shop is unloaded it may not crash
    If all tracks are frozen it may not crash
    The same problem occurs on c7.5.2
    When crashes start happening, try enough times and it might load ok.
    Eventually the project becomes so corrupt it can’t be opened. However backups seem to work.
    Disabling preferences sometimes helps.

Can anyone else reproduce this?