reproducible incorrect screen jump - score attached

I have saved a reproducible incorrect score jump for you to examine. This is related to lyric editing and project window size. I hope this is helpful.

  1. open file and view full score.
  2. set window zoom to 139%.
  3. close all tool panes
  4. resize window so that the left visible edge bisects the middle of bar 21 and the right visible edge bisects the middle of bar 29 and the TB part m25 is roughly centered.
  5. make voice colors visible
  6. double click the lyric “sum” in the Choir TB part.
  7. complete “sum.” by typing a period after “sum”, then press the space bar 2x.

As you can see the score jumps to a disorienting position. If you scroll to the right you eventually get to the lyric edit box positioned at the next instance of notes in the same voice I was previously editing.

The edit box is correctly skipping ahead almost 20 bars to the next note in the same voice. But the visible score doesn’t move far enough to reveal the edit box.


  1. System Info: MacBook Pro (retina, 15-inch, late 2013); Mojave v 10.14.6; Dorico v.
  2. The behavior is the same whether on my MacBook display or if I move the window to a second display.
  3. If I stretch the window to a larger size or decrease the zoom the program behaves perfectly.
    A Lament for Ash Wednesday - score jumping (496 KB)

a) that steps 1-5 happen automatically on opening the file (here, at least)
b) that the behaviour is reproducible

i forgot to mention galley view. and I should have added this to the existing thread rather than starting a new one. sorry bout that.

I don’t think this is the same kind of issue as those being discussed in all of the other threads, for what it’s worth. It’s expected that Dorico should move the view in this circumstance, because the popover is going to open in bar 44. The issue is that the score isn’t being moved far enough to bring bar 44 into view. The movement is otherwise correct and follows the principles we intend it to follow, e.g. that the view should not move vertically (which it doesn’t). I’ll need to look into this further.

I’ve spent a good deal of today looking into this specific case, and it has revealed one particular problem that will affect navigating left or right in galley view, and only when the place you need to navigate to is a long way out of the current viewport. We’ll certainly do our best to fix this particular case, and it is certainly conceivable that this problem might be responsible for some other cases of not moving far enough when navigating left and right in galley view. To reiterate, this problem is strictly limited to moving left and right in galley view.

Daniel - I PM’d you a repro of a somewhat different jumping issue. Just double checking you got it.