[req] Browsing for project folder as for Import audio

When importing audio, you get the fully-featured (W7 in my case) dialog, complete with side panel for shortcuts and libraries, etc.

But you only get a bare-bones box when browsing for the project folder. It would be handier for me to have the full-featured box here too as I have stuff on various disks. They’re all collated in libraries but I can’t get at them easily from here and at the moment I often end up having to click down throught User hierarchy or back out again to another disk.

Thanks very much


You can define what information do you want to see in any window. Click on the “Setup Window Layout (Shift+F2)” icon (in top or bottom left corner of the window), and check it.


Thanks, Martin, but I don’t see it. Is this a Windows or Cubase thing you’re talking about? Just to make sure we’re on the same page I’ve attached the dialog I’m talking about, launched from the Project Assistant, which I have set to prompt for location every time:
Project Folder Dialog.JPG

Oh I see, you mean this one window. This is different.

I’m using Mac, and there is the left side all the time. But when I used Windows, I remember, there wasn’t the left side of the window. I’m afraid, it’s not possible to set this.

+1 from me. Some programs do open file browsers with the filetree visible, so I’d guess it’s a matter of telling windows which one you want. We want the big one Steinberg :sunglasses:


If you’re in a Windows Explorer folder you can copy the whole file path from Explorer and paste it into the file name box in the larger dialog type. The smaller dialog is just too basic so you have to click your way through, all the way from where Cubase/Windows decides you ought to be to where you actually are working on whatever. The small dialogs stink! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems programs using “browse for folder” type of commands use the smaller dialog, and “browse for file” use the larger. Good example is NI Battery which uses both if there are files missing (most often from you having moved your projects around a little too much :blush: )