[REQ] Few visual tweaks

I like the UI of Cubasis a lot, but although all the buttons look nice, that arranger view is very dull & flat.

Can we have a more appealing arranger?

  1. Make grid lines more faded
  2. Make the clips a little more enhanced and with round corners so we can see where it loops.
  3. Allow us to have more colors, eventually a color picker, or at least copy the shades from Logic, they are easier on the eyes.
  4. I’m having issues with the zoom on the arranger since version 1. Please make it zoom while retaining the position. I always have to scroll after I zoom. Check out how Garage Band handles that.
  5. Make the playhead thinner and more visible.

See my screenshot.

Thanks. I’d love to see these in the next update. And I know it’s not hard to do :slight_smile:

I like your screen Shot. Good idea!


Tick to all items and kudos on the mock-up.