Internal buses would allow us:

  • To have several effects in different faders trough one single send
  • Routing an Audio Track to another Audio Track (renderizing in real time)
  • Set a Print Bus to mix down
  • Create any complex routing we can imagine

I refer to the internal buses that Pro Tools has.


Sky is the limit for routing options to have.

And maybe a helper like PT has, to create a bus and a track it routes to with same name - in one go.
Then you name them as well as a track/bus/groupchannel where it goes.
Some daws call it patch points - I think both Sonar and Samplitude do.

When recording from one track to another, best way I found so far - route to a group channel, then from other track select that group channel as input.
A little cumbersome instead of doing direct.

But in the name of latency, I think there must be some rules what you can do still. One track with latency fed to another with latency. We gladly use free patching, but the penalty is not always obvious.

This method is not working in ver 9.0…Mixing requires more flexible routing, Steinberg!

Sure it is.

sorry, let me be more specific.

What i did-
To record the output of a VSTi (or for any internal mixdowns) onto an audio track, point/send/assign it to a dummy out (F10-Audio Connections-Outputs) and assign the input of the audio track to that path.

What i got-
Trying to use these buses hangs Cubase, repeatedly. However I haven’t tried it since upgrade to v10…