[REQ] New Cubase Controller

It’s been 6years ago , Paulo Egidio has brought the video of the best controller for Cubase out :

Unfortunately, there is still no controller product, which can be bought .

Paulo told me he got the Controller SDK from Steinberg.

Paulo himself never had made the controller ​​ready for production , because there were probably several patents on the use of TFTs with encoders .
Its a great pity … but I think a company like Yamaha / Steinberg would have the financial means to pay patent costs .

This controller would be (compared to other manufacturers) light years ahead.
You could create a GUI editor , where each user can click together a GUI to his own 3rd party plugin.
For this, the controls of the vst edit window must be mirrored to the TFT controller and the gui be scaled from the actual plugin.
The meter could be reflected and scaled on the TFT controller with it .
Paulo had already implemented as 1 man before 6 years :open_mouth: .

The basic building block Steinberg has created with the Remote Control Edtor .
Now they just have to come to the GUI construction kit .
Of course, they also need to build hardware, but Yamaha is able to build it .
This would allow switching immediately the controls of the plugin to the controller if the editor window (synth or effect) is in focus to map all the controls with the generated GUI on the new controller .

That would be an ingenious concept that I 've always dreamed of …

Would anyone else be interested in such a concept?

looks great.

i wonder how hacking and moving the bitmaps in the plugins is done (and what would happen to scalable vector guis like valhalla).

in any case, awesome concept.

Paulo has done it with the original GUI of the plugineditor of cubase and mirrored in pixels to another PC with his controller app.

i see.

it’s great, i do however see how a major dev could be reluctant to r&d this, because of the variety in plugin GUIs and ensuing issues (plugins with multiple panes, modular GUI elements etc.). but i don’t see why this couldn’t be a massive hit in the form of some community-sponsored DIY thing. i’d totally kickstarter this one if i were the author.

You are right!

Think of the past when Charlie Steinberg give the VST SDK to the Public …thats why VST today has the greatest amount and quality of plugins!
So why is Steinberg not giving the Controller SDK to the Public?

See Paulo as example what community DIY can do!

WOW ! The Plugin Controller is most amazing thing I ever watch. I want it !
Flexible toutch screen with knobs thats the future ! It can work with any plugin that way ?
Steinberg, please consider to do controller like that. Im in.

Yes all plugins are configuable.
This is a dream come true :wink: .