Req: Smart tremolos

So, basically what I’m after is a way to speed up addition of tremolos.

Proposal (only applies if multiple notes are selected)

If the first note si a quarter note or longer, it and all other quarter+ notes in the selection get the full tremolo. Shorter durations are scaled as appropriate…

So, for instance, 2 stroke tremolo selected, quarters get 2 strokes, 8th notes get one stroke, 16th and shorter no trem.

Ok, this would have earned me like an hour this week. So +1.
Well, no. Actually what would really be awesome is an option for an instrument to be condensed “horizontally”. Switch a button and then everything that can be optimized through tremolo markings (repeat bars too, why not)… Wouldn’t that be smart?


And while we’re at it howabout proper tuplet tremolo? We can, with a bit of faffing about get the right appearance, but playback is wrong. (e.g. 4 notes instead of 6)