Reqeat function with choir divisi color bug

dear dorico team,

when using a choir as divisi and then repeating some bars with the reqeat signs (Shift+ R and then %)
then Dorico puts the colors on both lines blue, even the line which will not be repeated (see picture).
Am i doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
I can send you the file, if you tell me to which email.

@Janus He’s talking about the shading on the bar repeat regions.

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Thanks @Romanos I knew this function, but thats deactivating it for all lines. I was just wondering, whether there is anything I did wrong, so that its marking the lines where there are no repeats. So I guess its just a bug

Does the blue persist after you close and reopen the project?

Every so often there are rendering issues that are solved by simply closing and reopening a project. Perhaps this is one of those?

Also, is it possible that there are cues involved and they are conflicting with the repeat function?

Yes the blue persists even after reopenin several times and there are no cues involved in that section. (I think in the whole choir part I don’t have any cue notes)