[Request] Add option to have inverted color on selected tracks instead of thin red outline

Sorry if it’s a duplicated request! I tried to search but seems no result.
I’m working with large orchestral template with color coded tracks and the thin red outline for selected tracks is really hard to see and almost invisible for tracks with certain colors. I really hope to have an option to get the same inverted color as same as in Cubase.
Thanks a lot!!



Add to the list the colored background behind event names. In Cubase event names are always visible, in Nuendo they’re often not.

+1 for this feature.

+1 , this thin red outline is very hard to see, especially when zooming out.

Cubase event display is way better , i dont see any harm for Nuendo having Cubase color/looks or display…

+1 I agree wholeheartedly. Give us a choice at least, for those who prefer the thin red line that’s often barely visible. :slight_smile:

It’s so bad in my daily use that I’m not going to buy Nuendo until this gets put in. The thin barely visible red outline blends with many colors and doesn’t stand out at all when you have shorter objects selected. It really damages my speed and workflow. Making it an option to go with the much clearer Cubase selection color would be great.

Yes, this as well, both part of making events and their descriptions as visible in the highest end software as in the lower end software, not less so. :wink:

I don’t work on Cubase so I can’t judge the pros (and cons) on the requests for a-more-Cubase-alike-implementation of the Selected Events’ Outline Color/Highlight-method, but I -indeed- agree it should be customisable…

although I’ve tried “Thick Fade Lines” in the “Event Display Audio”-prefs, I think the fade lines are very unclear when used in light-coloured-events (especially in small track heights), I hope the programmers at Steinberg take this opportunity to implement a customisable fade/envelope-line too.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Just for the Record, most of us post folks do NOT want it changed to the Cubase style as it is a flawed concept.
The resulting appearance of “flashing” events is awful and very damaging for workflow.

We are however not against choice, so if it would be possible to choose between the two selection styles I would be in favour of choice. But not for it to change.

I agree 100%. There should be the option, without a single doubt.

+1000 I am color blind ! I don’t see ANYTHING, only hardly the little squares in the lower corners.

Couldn’t agree more. I literally switched to Nuendo from Cubase because I couldn’t take the hideous event display anymore, it’s flawed from the ground up. However, Nuendo needs more options to customise this, but it’s already miles better than in Cubase.

I posted a feature request a while ago about harmonizing the event display options between Cubase and Nuendo, where I compared the both
The thing is, Steinberg kind of lures you into Nuendo world with cheap crossgrades (like it does now) and claims that Nuendo is the same as Cubase except Post-Game-VR-Surround Features.
But not in all areas. The options for event display are really limited in Nuendo while really advanced in Cubase. The behaviour of selected events (inverted vs. red outline) and appearance of cuts (barely visible in Nuendo vs. having blue outline in Cubase) within the events are different and can not be changed. I prefer how the cuts are displayed in Cubase but I hate the inverted color selection style.
Steinberg, let us choose!!!
Let’s hope that Steinbergs promotional promise about harmonising C 10 and N 10 means, that Nuendo gets ALL the event display OPTIONS from Cubase, but without forcing it on users.
And again…get rid of gradients in the events and let us customize high contrast elements of the GUI.

Is it different now in Nuendo 10?

The red outline is a bit thicker.

+1 Steinberg needs to make this request happen!

The red outline is poor UI.