Request: Additional fields in the project info window


In my scores I usually write when the piece was completed, and a name of a city where the piece was composed.

It looks something like that:

Michael Seltenreich
March 2021, New York

Michael Seltenreich
Nov. 2020 - Mar. 2021, Paris

It would be great if in addition to “composer dates” which already exists, if you could add “composition dates” and “composition city”.

Currently I’m hard coding this info into the masterpages which I think defeats the purpose of a master page.

As a temporary fix, is it possible to create a custom token outside of the project info window?

Many thanks!

Michael Seltenreich

It’s not possible to define custom tokens.
Are you already using all of the possible fields in Project Info? If not, repurposing one of the unused ones would seem to make more sense to me than hard coding text into your master pages.

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That makes sense! Thanks Leo.

Also, I just realized THERE IS a composition year box that somehow eluded my vision.

Do you remember where’s the list of all tokens for quick reference?

It’s on the documentation page, here.

Note that you don’t need to remember them: if you’re typing into text frames you can right-click for a list of them.