Request: Audiowarp affects multiple tracks from one reference in group edit

I’d like to be able to use one track to audiowarp and have the changes also affect another in a group edit. The practical application is that I always record two tracks seperate of guitar. One is a stereo track of the processed signal through preamp and effects as this is the sound that inspired that track. The other is a mono DI track for potential reamping to tweak that sound to sit with other tracks and also better as a refernce for editing as it has much more clearer transients.
The current method as a work aound is to make edits to the reference track and the use audio alignment tool. This is not successful when needing to affect a guitar recorded with high gain. The wave form is too blocky without the clear transients to match the DI track.

why can’t anytime you edit the timing in a group track that both tracks would be affected… or raise the pitch both should be changed… Great idea that it is applied to both tracks … it’s tough being that a lot of preamps have stepped controls and no variable output control …so it’s hard to get levels to match on a stereo track… recording in mono solves that but editing the tracks grouped goes out the window …no changing pitch on both tracks at same time… you loose a lot of the features that can be applied in mono…i use stereo for the recording and editing then convert file to mono do level adjust if needed then convert back to a stereo file … Steinberg needs to check out other daws they have the group applied editing