Request: Auto-crossfade between [selected or even grouped] of overlapped layers

Hi there.

Because of my work I need to crossfade between common or near or quasi-coincident (tonal, noise and transient) frequencies from, for example, layer 1 and layer 2 and then I have to fade out and fade in the uncommon frequencies so smooth transitions between layers are created. This is not actually possible but using the eraser tools to create all the envelopes needed which is great but takes a lot of time to create the right and sounding and useful fades and crossfades. So an auto cross-fade option between selected of overlapped layers could be very useful by linear, log, exp or even custom envelopes. Then the eraser and or amplifier tools could be the right choose to improve the final touches.
The time fade option for selection tools is great but I find it useful only when I need to create selections and cut or copy them but is inaccurate to create only fades in or out to selected frequencies using only the first or the last half part of the selection tools to apply the “time fade” so clicks or atifacts are created at the beginning or even the end of the selection each time I press the delete key. It could be great also to be able to choose a custom envelope (lin, log, exp) for the time fade option.
Any cute feedback will be wilkommen.


I requested/suggested this a while back. The only thing that is closest to cross-fade is the casting and molding feature, however casting and molding is done offline (not in real-time).

Hi @Gustavo_Delgado a little late for SL9, but duly noted for future versions :slight_smile:

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Thanks Robin for the feedback.
Hope to hear soon good news for oncoming updates.

Hello Robin.

Any news about “auto crossfade amplitude” between overlapped layers?

Another useful tool that I dream is to be able to create “amplitude automations” on each layer in order to control properly well the process of spectral components fusion between layers.



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