Request: Basic Jazz Lead Sheet Walkthrough Video

Hi, I’m still very new with Dorico. Only got to use it a few days with the trial version but activated my full license today. I’m a real noob with notation software. I tried Sibelius and Finale for a while but hated both. Everything seems more intuitive with Dorico but I keep hitting walls just trying to make a basic lead sheet. All I want to do is make a jazz lead sheet and be able to play in the melody with my midi keyboard, then write in the chords. Sometimes I end up with a rest in between some notes, want to delete it but it won’t go away. I feel like this should just be an easy task not the headache that it’s turning into. I’ve looked for a Steinberg video on creating a lead sheet but can’t find one. Is someone willing to make a quick video on how to do up a lead sheet from start to finish?

If your problem is with basic note input, then watch the video here:

If your problem is with chord symbols then watch this:

Search the Dorico YouTube channel for anything else, or search this forum.

Incidentally, if you’re just creating a lead sheet you don’t need to delete rests. In Dorico rests are not an object, they merely represent the absence of notes. If you don’t want a rest, you must want a note in its place.

If you’ve got spare bars at the end of a flow (song/chart) then use Write > Trim flow (in Write mode). If you need to remove rests in contrapuntal music (unlikely in a lead sheet) then these secondary rests may be removed by selecting the bar and using Edit > Remove rests (again on write mode).

Thanks man. I had seen those videos but it was your comments regarding Dorico’s handling of rests and the trim flow that seemed to help me make sense of the issues I was encountering.