Request: Beat Designer / Drum Tool


I guess the assumption was that Cubasis users would either use loops or simple 'tapped out ’ beats in a Pad based DAW. But I’m really feeling the need for a grid tool like Beat Designer in Cubase to program rhythms … complete with assistance for flams and decent fills… * please *

I just can’t find a drum app that makes beat making fun AND stays in sync with Cubasis via MIDI with the current Clock Sync output implementation.

There are tools like Drum Jam that make great output, but the results have to be recorded as audio and are then hopeless to edit and adjust. Stochastic Drums which used a probability engine to make awesome variations over time ( saved programming dozens of patterns) has been abandoned…

And in all honesty I’d rather stay in Cubasis and avoid all the set up and ‘fun’ that ensues. So please… A nice rhythm grid which runs in sync , can lay patterns into the Project as MIDI notes, help with the fiddly bits and variations and I’ll be much more smiley! :slight_smile:)

If anyone has suggestions for apps I’ve missed please let me know!


+1 I’d love to see a built in GA4 se or even GA One.

You can use something like DM1 just as a drum sampler with a MIDI track in cubasis. It won’t sync properly but you can at least make drum kit in it then write a MIDI sequence in Cubasis with MIDI notes. DM1 has pitch, length, panning, and volume for each track. Once we have automation we will be able be make more detailed drum parts.

Cubasis needs a Drum Tool!