Request: change clef for selection changes back afterwards


Very minor feature request - if you select multiple notes/rests instead of just one and add a clef change, it would be nice if Dorico would automatically add a clef change back to the original afterwards. This is helpful for situations where you have to change clefs just for a brief passage of notes outside of the regular range. Obviously just selecting a single note or chord should only add a single clef change.

Yes, we may consider this kind of “stopper” behaviour in general for future versions, but I can’t say when.

Thanks, Daniel, for considering this. I agree with this minor request and it’s one of the few features I miss [very slightly] from Finale. In Dorico I’ve gotten into the habit of inserting or copying an ‘original’ clef at the end of the region which I want to change before placing the new clef. This prevents Dorico from having to reformat the layout after that spot twice, once to take the wildly changed range into account and then having to return the layout to the way it had been. Since I’ll have to add the second clef anyway, I prefer to do it before adding the first.