Request: Cleaning and repair tools on Cubase/Nuendo

Hi everybody,

I start this topic because I haven’t found anything about it on the forum, but I suppose everyone has already thought of it.
I did a little photomontage for the occasion. The purpose wasn’t to be realistic, but just to propose a concept (not very original but it would be so good). Indeed, I didn’t try to avoid legal problems with the other software that you will all recognize, no matter. It’s just to say that Cubase and Nuendo could integrate it in the same way they integrated Melodyne-like with the VariAudio. Integration could go much further than with independent audio editing software.

So I’m wondering what the Steinberg community was thinking about it, and what is Steinberg’s position on that? Thank you all for reading!

If it’s a free update I’ll gladly take it :slight_smile:
I don’t personally have much need for such a thing though.

That would be a considerable improvement. I especially work with Pro Tools, RX and Wwise in integration of video game library on Unity, I am interested in Nuendo, but I have the impression that there is the same problem of removing Metadata when switching between Nuendo and RX. I’m wrong? Such an improvement would be a major turning point in the history of DAW, also for my colleagues of music and cinema. I also use RX for music (for example to manage the breath of a clarinetist, to lower some harp’s attacks …) and I do’nt understand why DAW developers don’t directly integrate equivalent solutions in their own software… :question:

Funny picture by the way :wink:
But I think at the risk of integrated it, there must be a special historical for these offline treatments. That would be perfect. :open_mouth: