request concerning setting note duration repeating notes

I encounter a little inconvenience. In some music I like to set the note duration of the default notes at 100 %. I use virtual midi cables to my DAW (Samplitude). I notice that when I set the duration of e.g. the default notes at 100 %, some repeating notes are not being played. I have to adapt the the “playback end offset” of the repeated notes on e.g. -10 manually. My request is: is it possible to make in the “playback options” in the timing settings an apart setting for repeating notes, just as there are now for default notes, legato, staccato etc.

in Playback Options, try setting the “humanization” options to 0%. With the default, if humanization starts the note early it will overlap the previous note, which often gets MIDI playback confused.

Thanks, Rob, for your advice. I did that and that worked, but not 100 %. Now and then repeting notes remain missed.

Dorico does ensure that notes at the same pitch do not overlap, because of this problem with many plugins. If you export the midi file, then you should see this. However, if you are using a virtual MIDI connection then it may be that the plugin in Samplitude can’t cope with notes that close together. Try reducing the note length to 98% which should introduce a very slight gap.