REQUEST: continue selection after slur

I would like to request that selection remains after a slur is added, so that further operations can be made on the same notes.

I can see the reasoning, but it would be the single exception to the rule: when any element is added, that element immediately becomes the active selection. This behavior is a predictable part of the UX at this point.

Of course I’m merely describing, not prescribing.

Maybe some option to reselect the previous selection. I would find this very useful as well.

Yes… Craig F’s is a good suggestion. Like ‘undo’ but without undoing.

I had a similar thought yesterday after adding an 8va clef to a passage: once you add the 8va, that becomes the selection and you have to re-select the notes if you want to (for instance) move them up an octave.

Of course, you can move the notes up an octave before adding the 8va clef / line, but depending on the passage that can make staff spacing etc. look pretty weird, even if it’s only temporary.

Reselect previous selection as a command would be immensely helpful in making macros! Seconded.