Request: Copy players between files

It would be very useful to be able to drag a group of players from one file’s setup mode to another’s.
There may be a way I’ve not thought of… I’m trying to drag the brass band template’s players over to my template file.
This would be generally useful.

Can you copy the .dorico project to another filename, and delete all the measures?

I can’t work out any way to use my template file (with templates and settings set up) but to just copy in the players or a flow set up with the players.

Set up a project with the players you want.
Make sure it has a flow.
The File > Export flow.

Then close this project.

Open your template file.
Go file > import flow.

I’m on a mobile here so don’t have Dorico in front of me, but this hopefully gives you the gist of it.

Great! Thank you. Works as described. Obvious now you’ve explained it.
This would be cool to be drag an drop in the future. For players too.