REQUEST : Custom Level for new Tracks (SO IMPORTANT)

(this is a simple one)

add a Preference to allow the user to choose the Headroom
(at what Level the Newly created Tracks should be)

i ususally want all my tracks at -10dB or -12dB

Man !
I am soooooooo tired that I must lower the volume
for every single track I create in my Projects …

This is a Workflow killer !
And Managing the Headroom is the one of the most critical thing
in modern Mixes …

Thank U Steinberg

Do you want the fader at -12db or the gain ?
what if you add audio recorded at -24db, should it then still reduce the level by 12db?
Or is it intact a level setting that scans imported or recorded audio and automatically adjusts the gain to -12db peak ?
Sorry for asking, just not clear to me.
If that was my mixing approach, I would simply select all audio and normalize to -12db, done.

What I want is simple :

When I add a new Track (any type of Track)
Cubase creates the track with its Fader at 0dB …

I want to be given the possibility to decide by myself
at what Level my new Tracks should default

Now, is it the Fader, or the Gain
Both options would be great actually

But the Fader is more important to me

BitWig Studio let you choose a Default Track Volume

I think all DAWS should provide this function

Cubase DOES have default send level settings, so why not this?

I like this and it seems easy to implement.