Request: default horizontal scrolling (because I'm very lazy)

This may be pie in the sky, and I did read a bit here to check, but I would love to have an option to make mouse wheel scrolling = horizontal scrolling by default. I know the shift + scroll thing, and I use that all the time. It’d be nice to make it default so that 1) this ubiquitous movement requires one hand instead of two and 2) I stop inadvertently messing up the vertical positioning of my score. While using Dorico, the ratio of me wanting to scroll vertically versus scroll horizontally is pretty lopsided, so it’d be a nice quality of life improvement.

I’m on Mac and I haven’t even found a way to change this in the systems level options. So maybe it’s hard to code or something.

I know I know, I’m a lazy bum. It’s literally a press of the shift key away. But wouldn’t it be nice?

It would be nice. Just a preference or something. Good point.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll think about it.

Especially in Galley View! This would be a huge help.

Or maybe a setting in Preferences so the default scroll wheel action could be different in Galley and Page. In Galley I’m most often scrolling horizontally too so I would definitely check that setting if it existed.

But then what if you’re in Galley View with the ‘switched axis’ scrolling, and you want to scroll down the Lines or PT panel?

In which case, I’d recommend the Magic Trackpad. It’s so much better for zooming and scrolling than any mouse.

Same way as now, hold down Shift to change scroll orientation.